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Who We Are

We help small businesses with 10 to 100 employees who are worried about compliance and cybersecurity, and need to securely get work done from anywhere.

We can do this because we have experience working with Healthcare Practices and Financial Firms and are familiar with the strict industry requirements of these businesses.

We provide, support and manage our Microsoft cloud solutions for our clients so they achieve the desired outcomes.

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What We Do

Secure & Compliant Office 365

For businesses that need to Securely Share information, Protect Confidential files and Securely get Work done Anywhere.

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Managed Security Service

For businesses that need Secure User Access to systems, Cloud Application Security and Protection of Business Infrastrucure.

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Microosft Azure Cloud

Cloud solutions to replace or extend IT infrastrucure, Securely store data off-premise and quickly Recover from Application & Data Disaster.

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IT Support & Infrastructure

For Businesses that need day-to-day IT support, maintenance of IT infrastructure and new IT infrastructure Implementation.

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